About Cricket Betting​

Cricket is one of the most lovable and popular games in the world. Cricket enthusiasts who love to watch and play cricket also bet on this game to win money. In India approx 10 million users place bets. Betting on cricket games with real money is not legalized in India. Free betting sites are the only way to place a bet. All reputed and authentic cricket betting websites that allow you to place a bet on every game give you rewards welcomes you with loyalty programs.

On accessing the free betting sites you can place a bet from any location at any time from any platform. One of the significant reasons why users want to place a bet on cricket for earning money and placing bets online is the easiest way to earn money from betting. This article takes a more in-depth look at areas of cricket betting. Continue Reading ….

Trusted Betting Sites

There are innumerable sports betting sites are available on the internet which allows you to place on the cricket match. But you have to choose a reliable one. For that, you need to check their website content effectively. Like, read their about us, testimonials, betting services and terms and conditions. Once you have gone through all the sports betting sites, compare them and select the reputable one. It is very crucial to choose a reputed and authentic sports booking site because before placing a bet, you need to share your personal and financial information. Before registering with the sports betting site, you need to ask them whether they provide you security or not. If they yes, then you are free to place a bet on the cricket match from their website. 

To make your process of choosing a sports betting site more accessible, we recommend you the best sports betting sites below:



Bet365 is one of the most popular and engaging online gambling sites. Which has more than 35 million customers across the world. This site allows you to bet on any game from any platform and time. The interface of this site is responsive and user-friendly. You can easily place and read the bets. It also attracts new customers by offering promotional programs and rewards. When it comes to the payment gateway, there are several options provided by this site. If you are looking for the renowned and reputed online gambling site that offers you the accurate live match team performance, then Bet365 is for you. It offers you the highest odds at the best prices. This site label itself the world’s famous site with millions of customers because of its advanced services on betting and promotions. If you are a serious sports bettor, then select this website for sports betting. Once you have signed up you will see an amazing section of the different games and earn money effortlessly. You can contact them via email, live chat, and Telephone.



Betway has started its online gambling business Thirteen years since then it has been delivering the best sports booking services to its clients. It offers you a wide range of games to place a bet on. One of the significant advantages of placing a bet on the games via this site is that it offers you the highest numbers of odds at the best pricing. It gives you a great opportunity to place a bet on the game and earn money. You will get plenty of payment gateway options to deposit funds at the gambling account. You can place bets on the game anytime, anywhere from any platform. In the event, if you face difficulty while placing bets on the game, feel free to contact the Betway customer care service providers. As soon as they receive your query, they will work on it and offer you the best solutions. If you are looking for the renowned and reputed sports booking site, you can consider Betway.

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1xbet is also known as an amusement park for passionate bettors. It offers you plenty of games to place bet on. If you are a cricket enthusiast and looking for the legit and highest odds providing a sports booking site, you can consider 1xbet.This site label itself the world’s famous site with millions of customers because of its advanced services on betting and promotions. There are many online assistance available which help you in creating an account. You can contact them via email, live chat, and phone number. This is legit gambling site that offers you plenty of promotions like welcome bonuses, loyalty programs and other rewards. You will get plenty of payment gateway options to deposit fund at the gambling account. So, if you are seeking for the legit and solid earning sports booking site, then you can choose 1xbet. Cricket bettors always get the benefits from this site.

Popular Deposit & Withdrawal Method

After choosing the sports betting site, now you need to understand how you put money into your betting account. You have to deposit money before placing bets on the cricket match.

There are many payment gateways available at the cricket betting sites, and here we have listed the most common ones.

These are all the simplest forms of paying money to the betting account. We would suggest you pay money to the betting account via debit or credit cards. The hassle-free mode of payment and the security you will achieve with these payment gateways ensure you that your money has gone at the right place. While paying money, the account always checks the terms and conditions of the betting site. Like if you win the bets from which method you will get money and in how many days and so forth.



Neteller is one of the most secure money transfer e-platforms in the world. It enables you to securely deposit the amount and withdraw it anytime from any platform. When it comes to reliable, easy function-based, secure, and authentic e-platform, Neteller comes at the first place. It has gained the acceptance of the users by serving the secure money transferring services round the clock. This company was inaugurated in 1999 in Canada, and in 2004 it is operated by the British company Paysafe. Neteller is not a bank or give funds to the customers. It’s an e-platform that allows merchants to send or accept money in multiple currencies. In 2000 Neteller diversify its services and allows gamblers to pay to the sports booker through their online payment services. Using Neteller as an online payment option, gamblers can easily deposit the money on their gambling account. It offers 100% security to the gamblers, so it is highly acceptable in the market. 



Skrill is one of the best and fastest online money transfer platforms. You can easily transfer the payment to your friends any platform by clicking on few tabs. Almost all experienced and newbie bettors use Skrill to deposit money in the gambling account. Because it is one of the safest platforms that online payment application is based on the SSL encryption which means while transferring payment it will ask the Pincode twice. The customer service of the Skrill is attentive and helpful. If money is deducted from your account and doesn’t come at the recipient account, you can contact its customer service offer you the best solution in no less time. Whatsoever query you are facing, you can share your query with them effortlessly. It offers payment gateway services to various industries. Right from the signing, verifying to transferring everything is simple.



Ecopayz is one of the most safest and faster online payment options. That allows you to transfer the payment in the multiple currencies. If you are looking for a secure online payment platform then ecopayz is the best for you. You can easily transfer money from the e-wallet to your bank with low transferable fees.  Within few tabs you can instantly do international money transfer. In the event if you face any difficulty in transferring money you can contact to the customer support services. Here are the professionals are very talented and help you round the clock. Your money is fully secured in the ecopayz e-wallet.                                                                                      

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Online betting on cricket is a step by step process starting from selecting a betting platform. We can break down into three basic layers of online batting Registration Financing the balance using various types of banking solutions Eventually, you can put bet money on a match/event by selecting your favorite bet market Bet365.com and Betway.com and many av well-recognized bookmakers websites that do provide the luxury to free registration and capture the broad market of famous cricket games and tournaments bets. Once you have settled your mind on a particular website, you must fulfill the basic prerequisites, starting from the sign-up process, which allows you to monitor all of your betting activity, past records, financial transactions, generalized customer support. However, You need to pick the right type bet that will be suitable for you. You will be allowed to bet on the particular individuals or match or even portion of a match, for example, best batsman, bowler, predict player of the match.
Cricket betting is subject to the legitimacy clause, which may vary from country to country. While the max of these bookmakers prefers to choose other countries. However, it will be a good option to review the laws in your country to stay legal. After making sure your local betting laws you can be allowed to start your betting.
Yes indeed, you are allowed to register with multiple websites. The solitary thing that preventing you from enlisting with progressively different bookmakers is the state of these destinations tolerating clients from your inhabitant nation. However, If you can find trustworthy cricket betting sites open to your country's peoples, then it can be suitable for multiple site’s purposes.
Before joining any betting platform, you must crosscheck the local laws of your country. There are some countries where betting is illegal, like India, Bangladesh, etc. Every bookmaker has its own wagering laws to allow people from various countries. So make sure you fully aligned with the particular betting platform.
Free betting is often considered as part of the joining bonus, As like the bonus points that can be earned depending on the betting site's terms of service. Each site has its own standard for offering free bets, which can be used as a reward or supplementary balance, can be used for the future betting in several bets platform. Often betting products open to Free bets are limited to other offers. So it will be a wiser option to check the terms & conditions of the particular betting website, before placing the stake.
Every betting website has its own catalog of payment options, from which you can be allowed to choose for financing the account. Credit cards and debit cards are the most widely known and prominent techniques of withdrawal or deposit. While e-Wallets likes of Paypal, Skrill, and Neteller are also gaining its popularity on behalf as well. However, several betting platforms do offer wire transfer.
The withdrawal period varies from sportsbook to sportsbook and mostly depends on the chosen option of payment. While Debit or credit card takes 2-3 days for the exodus process. This process is comparatively less time consuming when eWallets like Neteller or Skrill are used, which offer withdrawal on the same day. Moreover, for bank transfers, it takes one or two days.
To be honest, you don't have to be a pundit of cricket for betting. Decent knowledge about the different cricket rules will be more than good enough for that purpose.
As a bookmaker, you need some related information that may help you to place your bet. For example, live streaming, live betting competition, broader cricket tournaments, in a single word it will be a complete checklist of betting.
No, we don’t offer any kind of online betting. Our intent is to provide reviews on other well-known betting websites, latest news, and articles. Moreover, guide the people who are seeking for cricket betting, help them in the best possible way. We would request you to check our disclaimer page for further.
All most every betting websites offer the luxury of free joining along with deposit amount is only necessary if you are ready to bet. They offer to earn a small amount through the bouns feature depend on the deposit you made at your end.
To place a bet in a betting platform is ridiculously easy. There is no rocket science behind this. You can learn the art of betting by simply going through the article “How to bet”, which already listed on our portal. However, you can broaden your knowledge in regard to betting by simply search on the internet. It is nothing else than applying your common sense, you can pick an individual team or players, the man of the match, a player taking 5 wicket hauls, or even predict the toss.
Sportsbook websites do allow us to participate in cricket betting in a comfortable manner at any time, anyplace trouble-free betting through cell-phone apps. More importantly, these cricket betting mobile sites allows all types, starting from Android to iPhone, with a decent level of security. For a bookmaker, it is a really good idea to bet register through a mobile phone app, which will give you the luxury to participate in betting remotely, even on the go as well. With the help of these apps, you can be allowed to check your updates very easily, even during work. Moreover, it will actually help you to start your bet, without going near your laptop computer. While a good internet service on behalf is a must to give you the best experience.
Guys, You can trust Betway based on its authorization. They are certified, bookmaker and is managed by Malta Gaming Authority under Licence Number - MGA/CL2/396/2007. So you do not have to worry about the integrity of this platform. Moreover, they are prominent for their well-organized payout policy, which confirms that your money is safe with Betway.
When you will be able to generate some profit, you may be allowed to cash out your profit by keeping your original amount. However, you can go with either partial or full withdrawal depending on your choice. Betway does provide the luxury of cash out in almost every game.
Betway confirms secure gameplay for its every bookmaker. It has given a handful of methods to the consumer so that they should be able to manage their gaming session rather comfortable. Self-Appraisal Deposit Limits Analyze Checks Self-discharge Activity Explanation Auto-Play Controls Session admonition