About Cricket Betting: Discussion of Online free Betting Sites​

Cricket is one of the most lovable and popular games in the world. Cricket enthusiasts who love to watch and play cricket also bet on this game to win money. In India approx 10 million users place bets. Betting on cricket games with real money is not legalized in India. Free betting sites are the only way to place a bet. All reputed and authentic cricket betting websites that allow you to place a bet on every game give you rewards welcomes you with loyalty programs.

On accessing the free betting sites you can place a bet from any location at any time from any platform. One of the significant reasons why users want to place a bet on cricket for earning money and placing bets online is the easiest way to earn money from betting. This article takes a more in-depth look at areas of cricket betting. So, let’s get started.

Cricket Betting is illegal in India. What does it mean?

Cricket betting is illegal in India means betting transactions don’t generate revenue for the government. Except for India, most of the countries have legalized betting and take benefits from it. A country like India that the government body shouldn’t promote betting activities because it can make people financial condition break. But, Indians who have an excellent knowledge of betting and games are love to place bets on the game with the help of free betting sites.

Things to consider while placing bets on the cricket match:

Now, we are going to tell you what are the things you need to keep in mind while placing bets on the cricket.

If you are a newbie bettor, you need knowledge, experience, and luck. Then only you can win the match.

In the early days of the betting, never starts with real money; always consider free betting sites, which enables you to examine your strategies and place bets on the games without losing your real money.

There are many  ways to place bets on the cricket match.  But, two of them are the most popular . In the first one, a bookies betting on his team.  Another one is placed on the basis of the outcomes of the match runs.

If you are betting through bookies, then he will take his profit from those who lost the money from the bets.

If you are a newbie bettor, then there will be a higher chance of interacting with scammers. Never bet on the telephone, it is strictly restricted in India. If you want to place a bet on cricket match by using authentic path, then go with online betting sites.

Always consider online betting, which keeps your personal and financial information safe and secure. And welcome its new users with the welcome bonus and other royalty programs.

There are innumerable of sportsbook sites are available on the internet. Almost they are providing the best booking services through odd systems. You can choose as per your strategy  and place a bet on the cricket match. But how you will choose an ideal sports booking site? Don’t know; then you have come to the right place. Now, we are going to tell you factors to consider while choosing the best sports betting site. So, let’s get started.

Security: It is one of the most important things you need to consider choosing a sports bookmakers. A sports bookmakers should provide you safety measures  for your information, like personal and financial.

Best odds:  You need to select the sports bookmakers which offers  the highest odds than other company. For this, all you need to do is signup at the sites and analyze the best odds.  Analyzation of the odds is crucial  because you can increase the profit  from the best odds sites.

Deposit method: You have to choose the sports bookmakers who offers preferred payment gateways. Most of the sports booking websites only offer credit/ debit card payment gateways. You need to check whether they are providing local banking option or not. If they do, then choose them.

Interesting factors of cricket betting:

Before going to place a bet on the cricket match, you have to study the pitch and climate conditions. You have to know the capabilities of each player.  

The toss is very important in this game; if it goes in your favor then there will a possibility you will win the bet.

Team news is a crucial fact that you need to know. The captains of the teams announce once the giving bettors, coin-toss about half-an hour time to team to respond before start of match.

Though cricket is profitable, you cannot win all the time. But, if you have knowledge of this game and high prediction power, then you can minimize loss by taking a sensible decision.

No matter how much you have experienced and knowledge of cricket. But, it is impossible to have a detailed knowledge of every league, player, and tournament.

What is the betting odds?

Cricket is one of the most popular games. One of the significant reasons behind its popularity is easy to understand and simple game strategies. For bettors, it is one of the fastest ways to earn money. When it comes to winning cricket bets, you need to perfect in betting odds. Just like betting on other sports, cricket betting odds are presented in a fraction. If you want to win the cricket bets, you have to know how betting odds work. If you don’t know how to read and compare the odds, you cannot win the bets. In this blog, we are going to tell you how cricket betting odds. So, let’s get started. 

If you want to understand the betting odds, you need to keep in mind the flip of a coin. When you flip a coin, the probability of heads or tails is 50-50%. If you add both percentages, it will become 100% probability. To put simple, cricket betting odds is the probability of certain outcome. 

Bookmakers set the odds on the basis of two things that are mentioned below-

  • Probability of each outcome. 
  • His Profit margin. 

Let’s understand the probability with this example- 

South Africa: 60% 

India: 20% 

England: 20% 

Total probability is 100% 

Now the bookies add his profit margin on the basis of a specific match. Generally, margin lies between 105%-107%. It all depends on which sports bookie you choose to bet. 

Here are the total odds for the cricket looks like along with sports bookie profit margin. 

South Africa (are at the odds of 1.54)- 65% 

India (are at the odds of 4.12 )- 24% 

England ( are at the odds of 5.55 ) – 18% 

Total probability is 107% 

This is the reason why you always at the downside at each bet. As sports bookmakers add his margin, the bet is no longer at your favor. It is not about 50% win and 50% loss, but in reality, you are in 53-60% to loss. So, always choose the reputable bookies, whose profit margin is less and offer you opportunities to win the match. 

How to read the cricket betting odds?

Reading the cricket betting odds is pretty straightforward. Almost all sports bookers let you to read odds in three different ways that are mentioned below-

  • American odds. 
  • Fractional odds. 
  • Decimal odds. 

Now we are going to explain to you each cricket betting odds. 

American odds are written in the whole number with (+) and (-) signs. For example, Team X +100 and Team Y -120 

The plus sign implies that the team is an underdog, in this example, you need to spend $80 to win $100 

The negative sign implies that you need to bet amount $140 to win $120 

Fractional odds: These odds are written in fraction, for instance, 1.5/1 . This implies that you bet $1 to win $1.50. If you are a newbie bettor, than reading a fractional odd is simple for you. 

Decimal odds: It is one of the simplest forms of odds to read. All you need is to take just take 100% and divide it with the probability of certain outcomes. 

Let’s understand with this example- a certain outcome is 50% and the total is 100%, now divide that, 100% (total)/50% (outcome) = 2 

We hope this comprehensive guide on the cricket betting odds will help you a lot. Read it carefully and place bets strategically. 

Final Say: We hope now you understand the concept of the cricket betting. If you are want to place bet on a cricket match then first know the capabilities of players, match rules, and make strategies. You can also read our blog to keep updated regarding cricket matches.