How to bet on Cricket? Read our Complete Guide

Cricket is one of the most popular games in the world. It has gained a huge acceptance of the people due to its simple playing strategies. It goes without saying that fans love to bet on Cricket. Because they experience the same feeling as they are playing on the ground and examine their knowledge and luck. If you are a fan of Cricket and want to place a bet on it, then your search ends here. This blog is intended to provide a comprehensive guide on cricket betting. So, let’s get started.

Starts with choosing the renowned sports betting site:

There are innumerable sports betting sites are available on the internet which allows you to place on the cricket match. But you have to choose a reliable one. For that, you need to check their website content effectively. Like, read their about us, testimonials, betting services and terms and conditions. Once you have gone through all the sports betting sites, compare them and select the reputable one. It is very crucial to choose a reputed and authentic sports booking site because before placing a bet, you need to share your personal and financial information. Before registering with the sports betting site, you need to ask them whether they provide you security or not. If they yes, then you are free to place a bet on the cricket match from their website. 

To make your process of choosing a sports betting site more accessible, we recommend you the best sports betting sites here:

Top online Betting websites reviews:

Bet365: Bet365 is one of the reputed and biggest online sports booking websites. The thing that enhance the popularity of this site it offers 360 gambling experience to the users. They have a comprehensive collection of the sports from which you can bet anytime from any platform. It offers you multiple payment options to submit money in to the betting account. This has not become one of the greatest websites accidentally it has paid a lot to the customers in terms of betting services. 

Betway: Betway is one of the reputed and authentic sports booking sites. This site is only designed for the cricket bettors. Here you will get all the updates regarding cricket betting round the clock. It also offers discount to its new users. You have an access to check all the games anytime, anywhere from any platform. The customer service of the Betway is very lenient and helpful, you can reach them round the clock and they resolve your issues in no less time. When it comes to online gambling it offers a wide range gambling opportunities to the users. Right from placing a bet in live casino to cricket match, it can offer you a seamless experience to its users. 

1Xbet: If you are looking for the best cricket betting that gives you every update regarding the cricket match, then 1xbet is the answer. You can place a bet from your mobile app or a desktop anytime and anywhere. It offers several payment options to deposit money at the betting account. When you bet via this website you will not lose any update regarding the cricket match.

The above-mentioned sports betting sites are authentic and reputable. But, if you ask us which is one of the best then we say Bet365. 

How to register with the sports betting site?

After knowing which can be the best sports booking site for you to place the bet. Now, it’s time to understand their registration process. Below we have mentioned all the steps that will help you while doing online registration. 

  • First, head over to the official sports booking website. 
  • Now, click on their registration web page. 
  • Once you reach the registration web page, create an account. Here you need to add account ID, password, and currency language. Along with that you need to add the personal information like name, age and email ID. 
  • After finishing the registration form. Click on the submit button. 
  • Now you are free to access the account and place the bets.

How to deposit money at the sports betting site?

After choosing the sports betting site, now you need to understand how you put money into your betting account. You have to deposit money before placing bets on the cricket match. 

There are many payment gateways available at the cricket betting sites, and here we have listed the most common ones-

  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • Skrill
  • Ecopayz
  • Entropy

These are all the simplest forms of paying money to the betting account. We would suggest you pay money to the betting account via debit or credit cards. The hassle-free mode of payment and the security you will achieve with these payment gateways ensure you that your money has gone at the right place. While paying money, the account always checks the terms and conditions of the betting site. Like if you win the bets from which method you will get money and in how many days and so forth. 

What are the odds?

One of the simplest ways to understand the cricket betting odds is by flipping a coin. When you flip a coin in the air, the chances of getting heads and tails are 50-50. So, when you place a bet on the Cricket, the probability of winning and losing the bet is 50-50. But, here’s a slight change in the probability of cricket betting. If India and Bangladesh are competing with each other, if India is a favorite team, then the odd is (0.60, 0.61) if you place a bet of Rs.100 on India, and if it wins, then you will get Rs.160. And if you place a bet of Rs. 61 on Bangladesh, then you will get 161 if Bangladesh wins. 

Main cricket betting market:

As you understand what’s odds and how to read them. Now it’s time to look at the main cricket betting market. If you are a new bettor then check all the below-mentioned lists because it gives you a clear insight into the most popular cricket bets and market. 

Match betting: It is one of the simplest ways to bet on the Cricket. It is very simple because you need to choose from the three different options. The three options are available in this way “The home team will team” “The away team will win” and “the will draw”. Because of its simplicity, almost all newbie bettors choose this to bet on the Cricket.  

Innings run: For this cricket betting, you have to decide what score should be made by the team in the first innings. At the sports booker website, you have to submit the runs and place on the submit button. If your score matches with the first inning run then you will win the bet. 

Top Bowler: If you want to place a bet on a particular bowler, than you go for top bowler cricket betting. Here you have to choose how many bowlers will take wickets. If your prediction matches the bowler performance, then you will win the bet. 

Top Batsman: This cricket betting is the same as the top bowler. For this betting, you need to select which batsman make the highest score in the cricket match. You can pick a player or a team. It is one of the most difficult cricket bettings so before going for it learn the strategies of a batsman and keep an eye on the gesture and the performance of the team during the match. If you are a new bettor, then try to avoid top batsman cricket betting. Because in the event if you fail, you will find oneself in a big trap.

Bowler match bets: It is the easiest version of the top bowler. For this cricket betting, you need to select one of two players. You have to decide which of the two bowlers will take the highest wickets. 

Batsman match bets: It works the same as the bowler match bets: In this betting, you need to select one of two players. And you have to decide which of two batsmen make the highest score. 

Tournament outright winner: If you want to place a bet on a tournament, then you can go with this cricket betting. In this betting, you need to decide which team gives its best performance over the other teams in a tournament. If your prediction get right then you will earn an impressive amount of money. It is one of the most profitable and popular cricket bettings. Almost all advanced cricket bettors examine their luck and knowledge in this betting. 

Series winner: If you are new bettor and starts watching cricket match series. It is difficult for you to bet on a one day match. Series matches are good for you. Here the multiple games, you have to decide which two of the team will come at the end of this series. You also have to select the winning team of this series. 

Over/underscore: It is one of the favourite cricket betting versions. The sports booker’s place total score at their website and you have to decide the team score will come in over or under. 

Handicap betting: If you bet on other games like football, golf you would be probably familiar with the handicap betting. Let’s understand the handicap betting with this example. Suppose India is playing with Bangladesh in a 50-match over. India’s score is 300. Now bookie adds a handicap, we will say that India a 50.5 run advantage and Bangladesh 50.5 disadvantage. If you place a bet on India and if Bangladesh loses a match then we will win the bet. 

Win toss: If you are newbie bettor and looking for the most easiest cricket betting, then win toss is suitable for you. Your job is only to decide which team will win the toss, if your decision is correct then you will get money. 

Odds/even runs: In this cricket betting, you have to decide your favorite team score will be even or odd. If you choose even, and the outcome matches with your prediction, then you will earn money. 

Know some basics of the cricket tournaments: This is the second step of placing bets. Once you know the sports betting site, now you need to familiarize oneself with cricket tournaments. 

There are five main tournaments that are mentioned below- 

  • Five days test match. 
  • Four days match play between the English countries. 
  • Fifty-over per side matches. 
  • Twenty over per side matches
  • Forty over per side matches between English countries. 

Final Say: We hope this comprehensive guide on cricket betting will help you a lot. There is no doubt cricket betting is one of the most popular ways to earn money and examine your knowledge and luck. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that always work with the reputed cricket sports booking site. It gives you a clear opportunity to play with the right strategies and give your accurate details about the cricket match.  While placing bet on the cricket match one thing you have to keep in mind is that spend the money that you can bear the loss.