Using Skrill Account for Online Betting

Skrill is an e-wallet resource that provides the luxury to transfer funds both domestically and internationally. Over the year, Skrill has earned people trust through its responsive facilities.

Furthermore, Skrill does operate in a real smooth way to give modern betting systems proper assistance,  to provide the online bookmaker optimum levels of the facility during the transaction.

We are here to drive you through the in-depth review of this payment method.

Skrill brief history

Skrill founded in the way back in 2001; in 17 years, it has established as one of the reputed e-wallets worldwide. It is owned by the UK based company Money Service Business.

In the past, recognized as Moneybookers, the company rebranded its utility to Skrill in 2011. In 2015, the Paysafe group announced the acquisition of Skrill by a deal of €1.1 billion. Based on its buyer base, Skrill demands to now have more than 40 million users globally. Moreover, they have already established their businesses in 200 countries.

Skrill welcomed a substantial number of online traders. To be precise, the recent examination does place the figure of merchants at over 120,000 internationally.

Although Skrill does offer service to a wide range of industries, however,  one of its core markets remains online gambling and forex trade.

Skrill Form

How to open a free Skrill account?

There is no rocket science behind registering your free Skrill account. By quickly navigating the official home page of the website, and then pressing the “Register” button. It can be visible in the rightmost position in the top of the site. 

Once you have opened the registration page, the first task is to provide your first name and last name. Then select your location.

The next assignment is to select the preferred currencies to evade the exchange amount cost. The following steps are to enter an email address alongside a strong password.

After completing the fundamental prerequisite properly, it will redirect to the dashboard. The next step is to make your Skrill account update with some personal information.

At this point, you do not need to verify your identity as long as you persisting within the account limits. However, in case you need to enhance the limits, you will need to submit some identification to prove your authority.

How to verify the Skrill account?

To verify your identification, and to make your account eligible to the transaction to a broad extent. Which you can navigate through the left-hand sidebar. Then make sure to press verification.

In order to assure your status, You should upload a copy of the ID authorized by your government. It can be either a passport or a driving license or a national ID card in some situations.

The second step, a selfie of your front holding a handwritten say with “Skrill” and the date of the confirmation procedure next to it.

Make sure to submit legitimate documents, in order to avoid the delay in the verification process.

What sorts of transfers does Skrill support?

Skrill does offer the luxury of one-off transfers. You have choices for balancing the funds to your Skrill wallet and withdrawing the money, including:

Skrill VIP Program

There are a total of four types of Skrill VIP an individual can reach. The key difference between the different Skrill VIP levels is the FX cost you have to pay for the purpose of currency exchange.

Skrill VIP Program will allow you to get free from almost every fee you usually need to pay with your Skrill Account. Moreover, you will be eligible to order and use the Skrill MasterCard utterly free as a Skrill VIP customer. Skrill VIP level relies on the sum you transfer from your particular Skrill account to the trader, for example, gambling sites, Poker sites, but also typical online stores that approach the gateway of Skrill to checkout.

Benefits of Skrill VIP Program

By achieving the VIP levels, you will be offered with a lot of incentives. Indeed the most precious privilege is the higher limits of transfer and minor currency terms. Moreover, Skrill VIPs are also permitted to open more than one currency accounts and use the Skrill MasterCard for free of charges.

How to make your Skrill account safe?

Skrill Security token is no longer applicable. However, you have the luxury to make your account more secure through the Two-factor Authentication.  Skrill Two-Factor Authentication allows protecting the user credentials and the resources the user can access. Moreover, it does enhance the security level of the account by creating a one-time use code.

The security Token was not a free cost service. However, thankfully  Two Factor Authentication is free alongside the Google authorization which can be used on any cell phone device.

How to set up two-factor Authentication

Step 1

Make sure to get the Google Authenticator app from the Apple app store or Google Play store and also scan the QR bar-code displayed to you on the setup screen:

Google authenticator

Step 2

Inside the setup window enter the code displayed by the Google Authenticator app and click the ‘Verify and save‘ button to navigate to the success screen:

Two-factor Authentication

Does the 100% Money-Back guarantee still exist?

In the past, Skrill introduced the guarantee of the safety of your online funds by offering a “100% Money-back guarantee”. Once you initiate to set up the security token to secure your account, this guarantee took place. It gave you an even higher level of security, however, since the symbol revoked and the Two-Step Authentication initiated. In contrast, this guarantee is no longer part of their T&Cs.